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Roman Słowiński is a Professor and Founding Head of the Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems within the Institute of Computing Science, Poznań University of Technology, Poland. Since 2002 he holds, moreover, professor’s position at the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

He is a full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a corporation of 350 outstanding Polish scholars. He has been elected president of the Poznań Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the term 2011-2014. Since 2013 he is also a member of Academia Europaea.

He has done extensive research on methodology and techniques of decision support, including multiple criteria decision aiding, preference modeling and knowledge-based decision support. This methodology cleverly combines Operations Research and Computational Intelligence. His particular interest is focused on: addressing robustness issues in decision analysis, ordinal data mining, preference learning, modeling of uncertainty and imprecision in decision problems; rough set theory; fuzzy set theory; multiobjective optimization; project scheduling, including multiple category resources, multiple job modes, multiple criteria and uncertainty; decision support in medicine, technology, economics and environmental studies.

Today Roman Słowiński is perhaps best known for his seminal work on using rough sets in decision analysis. He started this work with the founder of the rough set concept, the late Zdzisław Pawlak in 1983, and continued with Salvatore Greco and Benedetto Matarazzo since the beginning of the 90’s. He organized the First International Workshop on Rough Set Theory and Applications in Poznań, in 1992.

As author or co-author, he has published 14 books and more than 400 articles, including 200 papers in major scientific journals (Web of Knowledge h-index=36). He advised 26 Ph.D. theses in Operations Research and Computer Science.

He has been professor on European Chair at the University of Paris Dauphine, and invited professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the University of Catania, Polytech’Mons, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Yokohama National University, Université Laval-Québec, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Osaka, Polytech’Tours, Ecole Centrale Paris.

He is laureate of the EURO Gold Medal (1991), and Doctor Honoris Causa of Polytechnic Faculty of Mons (2000), University Paris Dauphine (2001) and Technical University of Crete (2008). He holds, moreover, the Edgeworth-Pareto Award, by International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (1997). In 2005, he received the Annual Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science, regarded as the most prestigious scientific award in Poland.

Since 1999, he is co-ordinating editor of the European Journal of Operational Research, a premier journal in Operations Research. In years 1998-2003, he was editor of Decision Analysis Section of the International Journal on Fuzzy Sets and Systems. He is on editorial board of twenty other scientific journals. He is coordinator of the EURO Working Group on Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, and used to be president of the International Rough Set Society. Moreover, he is a „Senior Member” of IEEE, and in years 2009-2013, he has been an expert of the panel (PE6–Computer Science) in the European Research Council.

Contact Information

Roman Słowiński
Institute of Computing Science
Poznań University of Technology
Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems
Piotrowo 2, 60-965 Poznań, Poland

tel.: (+48-61) 6652902 or 8790790
fax: (+48-61) 8771525